What's in our jars?

DOLMIO® Extra Bolognese Pasta Sauce contains a few very simple ingredients, the main one being tomato's. We then add a sprinkle of herbs and spices and some aromatic chopped garlic and onion to bring the sauce to life! It tastes like the Bolognese sauce that you'd make from scratch at home, but without the fuss and preparation.

How do you make your Bolognese sauce?

First thing's first, we mix and expertly blend our ingredients, before heating our delicious sauce in a giant mixer and then pouring the recipe into our jars. This process is called pasteurisation and it is the perfect preservation process that helps us create our great tasting tomato pasta sauces.

How do you make your sauce so red?

As we said, tomato puree is the main ingredients in our tomato sauces. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is naturally red in colour, so we don’t have to add anything artificial to colour our Tomato pasta sauces.

What about flavours & preservatives?

The culinary experts in our kitchen have developed a simple recipe with almost the same ingredients you would use when you prepare a tomato pasta sauce from scratch at home. These ingredients complement each other perfectly, so we very rarely have to add any extra flavourings to create the authentic taste and aroma of the final meal. The pasteurisation process ensures that our products are as good on the day you open them as they are on the day we make them so that we don’t need to add any preservatives to most of our sauces.