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The makers of DOLMIO® are passionate about food. Since our beginnings in 1986, we have understood that meals shared with family and friends are cherished moments. As such, only the finest quality ingredients are selected for our pasta sauces to provide the best taste and quality.

Our journey so far

1985 Mars launches the Alora brand, to bring convenient and wholesome Italian meals to Australian families.
1989 Change in Brand to DOLMIO.
1989 Introduction of DOLMIO brand Traditional sauces, followed by launch of DOLMIO Chunky sauces.
1992 Larger mouth jar.
1995 Premium gourmet meals.
1997 Pasta bakes.
2001 DOLMIO brand enters the frozen meal category.
2003 DOLMIO Puppets introduced
2006 The makers of DOLMIO introduces the Smooth and Chunky Bolognese ranges, featuring new glass jars which allow Australian consumers to see more of the wholesome product.
2007 Launch of the New DOLMIO Pasta Sauces for Chicken.
2007 Launch of revitalised ALL NATURAL Traditional Bolognese and Chunky Pasta Sauces, accompanied by improved jars and packaging.
2008 Risotto Bakes are launched.
2010 DOLMIO Meal Bases are launched.
2011 DOLMIO Chunky changes to DOLMIO Extra.
2012 DOLMIO Creamy Mushroom and Alfredo pasta sauces launched.
2013 DOLMIO Extras new recipe with Heart Foundation Tick of approval.
2013 DOLMIO Stir Ins launched.
2014 DOLMIO launches Australian Grown tomatoes range.

The Italian inspired DOLMIO flavours can be enjoyed through our ranges of Traditional Pasta Sauces, Extra Pasta Sauces, Pasta Bakes, Lasagne sauces, Stir Ins and Pestos.

To find out more about each of these meal occasions, please visit our products page.